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We use Slack for team-wide communication, announcements, and project-specific coordination. The workspace can be found here. You should receive an invite in your email to join the workspace - if you haven’t, please reach out to your lead or one of the presidents.

Slack Best Practices

Finding Channels

We use a channel naming scheme to make channels easier to find (based on this proposal: ideas#13) that leverages the following prefixes:

All channels should be named using this scheme.

Some channels are featured in this document, but you can easily find a full list of each category of channel by searching for a prefix!

Community of Practice (#cop-) Channels

Off-Topic (#ot-) Channels

Ask Leadership and Teams (#ask-) Channels

Bots & Apps


Rocket is our very own Slack bot, used for managing our roster across Slack, GitHub, and our website.

You can get started by typing @rocket help into a private Slack chat with @rocket. Please don’t do this in a public channel like #general, as everyone will be able to see your interactions with Rocket.

The name and position you provide, along with your Slack profile picture, will automatically show up on our website (once you’ve been added to a team). Providing your GitHub username allows Rocket to add you to the correct GitHub teams and repositories.

Note that we’re currently working on revamping this tool - check out Rocket 2 to learn more!

Pull Reminders

Pull Reminders is an awesome way to stay up to date on your team’s project through notifications and pull request review reminders delivered straight to your Slack account. The website also features some slick graphs and leaderboards to help visualize your hard work and compare against your peers.

You can configure Pull Reminders for your account through the website of the Slack bot - just shoot @Pull Reminders a message in the Launch Pad Slack workspace!