# 🐹 Deployment

This page outlines tips, resources, and tools for getting your team's project deployed and running!


This section is a work in progress.

# Inertia

Several Launch Pad projects in the past have utilized our in-house deployment tool, Inertia (opens new window), to kickstart their projects.

A comprehensive usage guide is available in the Inertia documentation (opens new window). A good place to start might be to look into leveraging Inertia's AWS integration (opens new window) that lets you easily provision a remote for deployment.

Feel free to swing by #ask-inertia (opens new window) if you have any questions!

# Heroku

Heroku (opens new window) is a cloud platform that allows you deploy a variety of applications. Heroku can be used as a remote target (opens new window), or you can have it track a branch on a Github repository (opens new window) and auto-deploy whenever that branch is updated. You can find more information on Heroku's documentation (opens new window).

Heroku is typically a good option to quickly bootstrap applications, it also offers a free option (opens new window) with some limitations.