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This page provides a bevy of good self-learning resources for the platforms and tools we use at Launch Pad. If you want further pointers, get in touch with your tech lead - they can direct you to more resources or to another Launch Pad member that knows more. And if you want to add even more resources, feel free to make a pull request.

Git Workflow

A recommended git/GitHub collaborative development workflow is introduced in Git Workflow.

Programming Languages

Looking for resources to a specific programming language? Drop by the Languages page!


Boost your productivity and learn about the tools we use at Launch Pad over in the Tools pages!


Want to make your project available to the world? Head on over to our Deployment section!

Repo Management

Command Line

Front End Development


General Learning


The Exploration section has Tech Lead-approved resources for those that want to explore more complicated topics like operating systems, programming languages, and machine learning.