Project Directory

List of past and upcoming projects.


the following are the upcoming projects for 2023-2024 sorted alphabetically by project name

🎓 BlueNav

BlueNav is a web app designed exclusively for UBC students, aiding better navigation of their degrees and graduation requirements. With just a few clicks, students can check for the credits needed to advance their undergraduate journey. Our MVP is to support a Major in Computer Science, but we are looking to eventually expand it to all majors, different minors and special programs if possible.

The project started last year, and I’m looking to finish it. I’m planning to focus on the following at the beginning of the semester, and spend the rest of the semester on more challenging BE features like web scraping and AI-based course recommendations.

  • clean up FE code, adding Redux
  • connecting BE and FE
  • review and adjust data structure (set up and populate database)

Use this link to watch a short demo of the project’s UI:

📰 BrightNews

Tired of hearing bad news all the time? Don’t worry! BrightNews is a website for all positive news.

This project aims to be more beginner-friendly and will be implemented in mainly 3 stages. First stage is just to develop the website’s frontend and set up a basic CRUD backend (news articles will be manually inputted). Second stage is to implement web scraping and sentiment analysis so that we can automate the process from the first stage. Third stage is reserved for future features (such as different categories, curated notifications, specific location, etc.).

We welcome students with all levels of experience. This project will involve all parts of software development from frontend, backend to working with AI and infrastructure. Join us if you’re interested in this project and want to experience different parts of software development!

📚 ClassSync

Partnering with The C.O.D.E Initiative, a nonprofit organization, our team is driving the creation of an innovative integrated ed-tech platform named ClassSync. This project seeks to revolutionize the educational landscape, particularly for underserved youth, including neurodivergent individuals, and those from Black, Indigenous, and People of Colour (BIPOC) communities.

Our vision revolves around building an intuitive ed-tech web platform that seamlessly connects parents, students, and volunteers. ClassSync acts as a centralized hub where parents can effortlessly enroll their children in courses, schedule classes with available tutors, and seamlessly track their real-time progress. For our dedicated volunteers, the platform provides a streamlined system to manage availability, appointments, access essential learning resources, and gather valuable feedback.

The centralization of these crucial features simplifies and enhances the teaching and learning process, marking a significant step towards accessibility and convenience for all stakeholders.

If building software for social good interests you, apply to join us in making a positive impact through ClassSync!

🤝 Code The Change

Interested in non-profits? The ‘Code The Change’ team will be working on building out sustainable, tech-oriented solutions for local non-profits. Inspired by a UBC club of the same name that folded in 2020 (, we’ll work on re-launching a number of incomplete, but high impact projects.

The work on this sub-team will be dynamic, ranging from webapps to mobile apps, and bring immediate real-world impact. There will also be opportunities to bring in your network and reach out to non-profits you’d like to work with.

🪐 Cosmic Gateway

Cosmic Gateway is Launch Pad’s internal club tools. Everything under this will be used by our club leads, admin work and members. This team will be working on the following projects:


  • Cosmic Gateway: web app that will be used to manage our website and upcoming member portal.
  • Star Port: A member portal serverless backend that will be used to manage our members, projects and events.
  • Documentation: A web app that will be used to manage our documentation


  • Launch Pad Rocket 3: internal Slack and GitHub bot that will be used to manage our members, projects and events.
  • Launch Pad Deployer and CI/CD: A serverless backend that will be used to manage our deployments and CI/CD.
  • some other considerations: custom newsletter service, custom scheduling software, and more!

This team’s open to all experience levels and will be a great opportunity to learn about a variety of tools and technologies. Our team will form mini-teams to work on each project, so you’ll be able to work on multiple projects if you’d like! In addition, you’ll contribute to future tools and projects.

The relevant areas of focus for this team are: backend, frontend, devops, UI, iconography and design.

🩺 Epilog

EpiLog is a mHealth seizure tracking app for people with epilepsy and their carers. Epilepsy requires consistent monitoring for effective treatment. This application is to consolidate epilepsy management into one place and is easily shared with others.

The project started last year, and I’m looking to finish it. I’m planning to focus mainly on the following for this year:

  • Migrate the FE from Flutter to React Native
  • Add in data graphs
  • Review and adjust data structure
  • Deploy the app in the Apple and Android stores

If this project interests you, or you’re interested in mobile development and healthcare, apply to join us! Students of all experience levels are welcome.

🛻 Microvan

Microvan focuses on the importation, trade and sale of new and used construction and industrial machinery, trucks and vehicles in the Philippines. Previously, Microvan would do in-person auctions every month. However, due to the pandemic, many of their competitors have shifted to online auctions and Microvan needs a new auction site to ensure they aren’t left behind.

Since this is a new project, we will be focusing on the happy path features (i.e. implementing the bidding feature, item listening and catalog, admin portal, etc.) for the upcoming year. This is your chance to make a real impact, as our stakeholders are open to fresh and innovative design ideas that will enhance the user experience and shape how our customers interact with our platform. While the tech stack is not set in stone, I am planning on using either Node or Go for our backend and React for frontend.

If this project interests you, apply to join us! We are looking for students of all experiences levels.

🌮 Nom Appetit

Nom Appetit is a social restaurant tracking app with the purpose of helping users pick a place to eat for both individuals and groups. It is designed to finally answer the question of “So… where do you want to eat?”

The first feature is a tracking feature that allows you to create shareable lists and populate them with restaurants you’ve been to, as well as restaurants that you would like to go to. Think Google Maps lists, but with more sorting and commenting functionalities. A stretch goal for this feature would be to build social media platform integrations to auto-populate or import restaurants into these lists.

The second feature is a restaurant picking feature - the heart and soul of Nom Appetit. Each user is prompted with yes or no statements in a short quiz, such as “I want to try a new place”. The app will then algorithmically draw upon each user’s lists and answers, and suggest a restaurant to go to. A stretch goal for this feature would be to implement machine learning to “smart suggest” a place to eat.

If this project interests you, or you’re interested in mobile development and love food, apply to join us! Students of all experience levels are welcome and the tech stack is currently flexible (will be determined by the team).