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πŸ“– Development Bible

This page contains best practices for successfully building projects at Launch Pad. These are guidelines, not strict rules! Teams should adjust these processes to the way they work. Furthermore, this is a living document and should be updated to reflect the most current and most productive development processes at Launch Pad - in particular, open a pull request if there’s something you think should be updated or changed!

πŸ“¦ Repository Management

Guidelines for how to manage your GitHub repository and enforce coding standards is in Repository Management. Remember: your repository is your main outlet to the outside world - and this outside world includes potential employers! Make it informative, organized, and pretty!

πŸƒ Sprint Planning

Guidelines for how to plan out a week’s work using a Scrum-like methodology can be found in Sprints.

πŸ” Requirements & Scope

Tips for planning out your project’s overall scope are available in Requirements & Scope.