# 📊 Analytics

Analytics are a fantastic way to get some concrete feedback on what users are doing on your applications. Sometimes, you might be surprised to see that a project you think nobody uses actually gets a consistent trickle of traffic! This page documents some recommended ways you can set up analytics for your projects at Launch Pad.

# Web Projects

Fathom Analytics (opens new window) is a simple, lightweight web analytics service that we use in several Launch Pad projects. As a sponsor, they are currently providing us with a paid account to leverage for this purpose. Here are some dashboards for Launch Pad projects:

To get started, reach out to #ask-leads (opens new window) to get a site and dashboard set up in Fathom - we will provide you with a site code and public dashboard.

Using the site code, you can now set up analytics on your project! Note that we have a custom domain set up for our tracker script, https://chinchilla.ubclaunchpad.com/script.js, to avoid being blocked by adblockers (this is especially important given that Launch Pad projects are relatively low-traffic).

# Social Media

Facebook (opens new window), Medium (opens new window), and Buttondown (newsletter) (opens new window) have built-in analytics. Instagram also has built-in analytics through the Insights tab on the mobile app (not available on web yet).

We also have analytics set up for a few UBC Launch Pad websites, linked above.