# 🎨 Launch Pad Branding

This page documents Launch Pad branding guidelines.

# Naming

# Launch Pad

  • "Launch Pad", not "Launchpad" or "LaunchPad".
    • In most cases, prefix the name with "UBC" as well, i.e. "UBC Launch Pad"
  • ubclaunchpad for account names, not ubc_launch_pad, launchpad, or similar

# Teams

  • Roles: "co-president", "design lead", "tech lead", "developer", "designer", "strategy", etc. - not "Developer" or "Designer".
    • At starts of sentences, use "Co-presidents", "tech lead", etc.
    • In titles, use "Co-President", "Tech Lead", etc.
  • Teams: "the Leadership team", "the Design team", "the Strategy team", etc. - not "the design team" or "the strategy team".

# Assets

Assets for Launch Pad branding is available in ubclaunchpad/design (opens new window). They are also available from design.ubclaunchpad.com (opens new window), which you can use for referencing assets in web pages - for example:

<img src="https://design.ubclaunchpad.com/2020/misc/zoom-background.png" />