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Tools & Technologies

This page covers some general recommended tools to help you get started with building awesome things, as well as some of the tech we use within Launch Pad for development and communication.

General Tools

Writing Code

Browser Plugins

Tech @ Launch Pad


We use Slack for team-wide communication, announcements, and project-specific coordination. Since we are on the free tier of Slack, messages eventually expire, so anything important or permanent should be in a GitHub issue, version-controlled document, or wiki page.

Our Slack can be found here; sign up now if you haven’t!

You should also install Slack on your laptop and phone, turn on @mention notifications, and respond to messages promptly. Slack has apps available for all major platforms.

Cool Channels


We use GitHub to host, document, and manage the code in all our projects.

Launch Pad-wide documentation is hosted in this repository - if you’re not sure about something, this is the first place to check. Each project has an associated GitHub repository, and documentation for the project lives in that repository, either as version-controlled files (preferably in Markdown format like these) or in the wiki.

ZenHub & GitHub Projects

ZenHub is an addition to GitHub that adds more advanced project management tools. We use ZenHub for tracking issues within projects, assigning issues to members, and viewing project progress.

You should install the ZenHub Chrome or Firefox extension and get acquainted with its features if you aren’t already.

Alternatively, some teams at Launch Pad might use the built-in GitHub project boards for team management - check with your tech lead to see what’s in use!


Rocket is our very own Slack bot, used for managing our roster across Slack, GitHub, and our website.

You can get started by typing @rocket help into a private Slack chat with @rocket. Please don’t do this in a public channel like #general, as everyone will be able to see your interactions with Rocket.

The name and position you provide, along with your Slack profile picture, will automatically show up on our website (once you’ve been added to a team). Providing your GitHub username allows Rocket to add you to the correct GitHub teams and repositories.

Pull Reminders

Pull Reminders is an awesome way to stay up to date on your team’s project through notifications and pull request review reminders delivered straight to your Slack account. The website also features some slick graphs and leaderboards to help visualize your hard work and compare against your peers.

You can configure Pull Reminders for your account through the website of the Slack bot - just shoot @Pull Reminders a message in the Launch Pad Slack workspace!