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:tada: Getting Started

Hello, and welcome to UBC Launch Pad!

The documents in this directory explain what Launch Pad is, the tools we use, and what we expect from our members.

Vision Statement

To be the leading university technology organization to ready our members for industry and entrepreneurship.

What is UBC Launch Pad

UBC Launch Pad is a student team devoted to building software projects in a collaborative and professional environment.

Our primary objective is to provide the best space at UBC for students to meet other tech enthusiasts, build projects in a team setting, and practice professional development tools and principles.

Our secondary objective is to connect with the UBC and Vancouver tech community by hosting tech-focused events. Examples include interview workshops, tech talks, and hackathons. We aim to build public interest in tech at UBC and provide our members with opportunities to develop soft skills like public speaking and event planning.

If you’re interested in hosting a tech talk or have an event idea, post on Slack or talk to one of the execs!

Code of Conduct

Our code of conduct is important–read it!


A list of the tools we expect members to use can be found in Tools.


All other administrative details about Launch Pad, like how meetings and tickets run, are in Administrivia.


A list of helpful resources for the platforms and tools we use can be found in Resources.

For language-specific resources, go to Lanaguages!