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All Launch Pad-wide documentation lives in this repo. The goal of this repository is to gather advice, resources, best practices, and more for everyone to refer to. If you feel any of this documentation is unclear, out of date, or incorrect, please open an issue or pull request!


πŸŽ‰ Getting Started

Getting Started contains everything new developers need to get productive at Launch Pad, including introductions to team structure, a list of the tools we currently use, and administrative details about Launch Pad.

πŸ“– Development Bible

Our Development Bible compiles hard-won advice about the best way to run (and participate in) a Launch Pad team and build great software.

πŸ§— Exploration

The Exploration section has Tech Lead-approved resources for those that want to explore more complicated topics like operating systems, programming languages, and machine learning.

Other Repos

There are a number of other important repositories that provide places for documentation and discussion. Note that these are all private to the ubclaunchpad GitHub organization; if you have not been added to the org, talk to your Tech Lead or one of the Presidents.